Keep your record clear

If you receive a traffic citation or Class C Misdemeanor, ensure that you get the most favorable result.

Stop a minor ticket from becoming a major problem

Getting a traffic citation or Class C Misdemeanor is a somewhat common occurrence (and annoyance) to any Texas driver. Once ticketed, you have the responsibility to respond to the court within a certain time period. Handling a ticket on your own usually involves paying a full fine amount, which often results in a conviction and surcharges, and having to take valuable time out of your schedule to personally appear in court.

Instead, why not hire an attorney to represent you? Often, Christopher M. Jones can save you money by getting reduced fines or dismissals, and save you the time and hassle of handling it yourself. He will make every effort to keep the ticket from going on your driving record, save you money, and make sure that you get the best possible result.

If you have allowed your ticket(s) to go to warrant, Attorney Bonds are available to lift the warrants and get you a court date. Also, sometimes it is advantageous to directly appeal your case(s) out of the Municipal or JP Court, directly to the County.

Christopher M. Jones works in most Denton County courts. Contact us today for assistance.


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