Sometimes "happily ever after" isn't a reality

When relationships end, you need someone to represent your best interests to make sure you get a fair result.

Steady guidance for your case

In a perfect world, two people get together, have children, and stay together until the day they die.  But, life isn't always perfect, and when people face divorce or breakups, and issues related to their division of property and debts, and more importantly, the well-being of their children, they need an advocate on their side, fighting for them, to make sure they get the best possible result.
In a divorce, a District Judge has to divide the marital property in a fair and equitable manner, and make decisions related to children which are “in the best interest” of the children.  There are always two sides to every story, and each parent or spouse has their reasons why the relationship did not work out.  Each person wants everything they are entitled to, and needs the guidance of an experienced attorney to make sure the Judge hears all the evidence most favorable to that person, and to advocate his or her position.
Sometimes, a person does not obey a court order – for example, not paying child support or allowing visitation.  In those instances, a Petition for Contempt is needed.  Other times, circumstances materially and substantially change after a divorce or paternity suit is finalized, and the person’s child support needs to be increased or decreased, or primary custody needs to be changed.  In those instances, a Modification suit is needed.  Other times, there are grounds to terminate a person’s parental rights, or have someone else adopt a child.  For all these circumstances, having a competent, experienced attorney is essential to success.
Family cases require a retainer to begin the case. Consultations are available for a $100.00 fee.

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