Make sure you can legally drive

Avoid driver's license suspension, and if your license is suspended, take the necessary steps to legally drive.

Ensure that you drive legally

Your driver's license can easily be suspended by the Texas Department of Public Safety. Perhaps you failed to timely pay surcharges. Perhaps you are convicted of certain offenses (criminal or traffic offenses) which lead to suspensions. Or, perhaps you are accused of being medically incapable of driving, leading to an actual revocation of your driving privileges.

If you receive a letter from DPS making you aware that your license will be suspended for any number of reasons, you have the right to have a hearing to contest this suspension. You need an attorney to represent you, to argue against the suspension, or request a probated suspension so that you can continue to legally drive.

If your license is already suspended, you may still be able to appeal that decision. But, if you are past the point to contest it, in most cases, you can petition the Court to grant an Occupational Driver's License so that you can continue to legally drive to and from work, school, or for essential domestic duties.

Don't get caught in the DPS surcharge/suspension cycle. Contact us today for assistance to ensure that you can continue to legally drive.


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