Don't let past mistakes ruin your future

If you are eligible to clear your criminal record, take the necessary steps to do so.

Is your record keeping you from gaining opportunities?

With the advent of the internet, doing a background check on somebody is a very easy thing to do.  If you have been arrested, and/or subsequently charged and prosecuted for a crime, that record will very likely be available for the public to see.  A potential employer, landlord, or anyone else investigating your past can, with a simple click of a mouse, discover your past mistake, and knowledge of that mistake can negatively affect you.
Sometimes, there is no remedy to clear your record available.  If you were convicted of a crime, meaning you served jail time or received regular probation as punishment, only a pardon can clear that record from public information.
However, if you were arrested for a crime but never charged, if you were arrested for one offense and prosecuted for a less serious offense, if you successfully completed a Pre-trial diversion program, or if you were acquitted at trial, you are in most cases eligible for an Expunction of that record.  You can clear that record from public knowledge, and eliminate the possibility of someone finding out about it.
If you were granted deferred adjudication probation, and successfully completed it, in many cases you are eligible to petition the Court for a Non-Disclosure of that record.  If granted, the case is sealed from the general public, but is still available to certain state agencies.  There are restrictions and sometimes waiting periods for Non-Disclosures, depending on the type of offense.

Let an experienced attorney take the necessary steps to clear your record, if you are eligible. Contact us today to see if we can help you.


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